Per aspera ad astra

Holy Wood Boards is a team of snowboard and extreme sports fans , which at the professional level is engaged in the production of snowboards (and not only) in Ukraine. Years of experience in experiments and tests have allowed us to create a quality product at an affordable price.

We are always in the state of search for improving the quality level of our products, so every next batch of our products is better than the previous one. This process cannot be stopped, because it is our credo!

We permanently try out new types of products, and do not limit ourselves only to the production of snowboards, because we are adherents of all sport activities that “board” culture implies.. This approach is useful because in each direction we find something new. The quintessence of this is that the study of new directions makes it possible to look at things more broadly and apply the methods of production of one direction into another, or combine them.

Our work – our energy

We are inspired by nature, admire its harmony, power and impeccability.

The view of the mountain peaks pushes us towards the realization of aspirations.

The smell of wood can charge us with incredible energy.

We are obsessed with our business. And nothing inspires us so much as the result of our work.


We know our craft and do it professionally.

Each team member is a true virtuoso who puts his soul into his work.

Behind our boards is a story – the story of people who are in love with work and eager to share their drive with everyone.

Natural balance

In production we use natural wood, but do not forget about our duty to the nature, which gives us raw materials. We try to give more than we take: for each tree used in production, we plant two.