Stance width is the distance between tip and tail group of  bindings inserts of the snowboard.  Modern inserts systems  have arrangement 4×2 cm and it is possible to set stance width in wide range.  Usually this parameter is determined according to the shin height, i.e. the distance from heel to knee gives pretty close value of necessary stance width.

If stance width is way to wide, than it contributes in difficult maneuvering and application great efforts while riding. If stance range is way too narrow, than snowboard feels less stable, that contributes to excess maneuverability. Also, should not be forgoten about the load on knees. An incorrect stance width and binding angles can cause serious injuries.

Determination of stance width

There are no tables that determine necessary stance width for the rider, since all people have different physiology (long or sort, straight or crooked legs).

Methods of stance width determination:

  1. Empirical method. Measure length of the shin. Staying on the flat surface measure the length form heel to knee. Determined value  gives pretty accurate stance width. 
  2. Tactile method. This method is based on own feelings. In order to determine necessary stance width in the first approximation it is necessary to stand on the flat surface and try a few variants of stance in order to determine comfortable one. It is better to start from shoulder width stance and make it a bit wider until it won’t be found position at which it is comfortable to stay at straight legs and bent knees.

After determination of necessary stance width, transfer obtained value on the board in order to determinate distance between inserts. Right distance is from the center of one foot to the center of another one. Determined distance not always coincides with manufacturers width range, but a few centimeters does not affect that much.

Snowboarding styles and stance width

In some ways, the stance width is affected by snowboarding style, but it is individual. For instance, stance width can be a bit wider for more stable landings from gabs and drops. For more maneuverability it is possible to make narrower stance. But all this should not be contrary to riding comfort.