We have a special option for fans of unique things! In addition to our breathtaking collection, we produce individual snowboards.

Yes, it is CUSTOM, HOLY WOOD CUSTOM! An individual approach to each order is guaranteed.  The opportunity to place unique graphics is only the tip of the iceberg. The snowboards will be produced personally for you taking into account the anthropometric data of your body, your preferred level and riding style, and of course your wishes.

To calculate the parameters of a snowboard, you need to use our calculator to determine the parameters of individual snowboards. This procedure will take a few minutes (unless you want to play with the options for the parameters of your snowboard). After calculating the parameters and filling out a small questionnaire, we will send you a file with the parameters of your snowboard for further discussion.

Just before performing the order and filling the form, please, get familiar with Conditions of snowboard manufacturing.




Just before performing the calculation and fill in the questionnaire, please refer to the specifics of creating a CUSTOM snowboard.

What is included in the service of creating a CUSTOM snowboard:

  1. According to your input data, such as height, weight, foot size, preferred style and level of riding, as well as individual wishes, the parameters of the future snowboard are calculated.
  2. At your request, you can place a unique pattern(graphics) on both sides of the snowboard. The drawing can be provided independently according to the technical specifications on our part, or you can use the services of our designers. In addition, there is the opportunity to choose the color of the sidewall.

What is included in the cost of creating a CUSTOM snowboard:

  1. Manufacturing a snowboard according to the input data and individual wishes.
  2. Placing the graphics according to the technical task on our part.
  3. Adaptation of  pictures and photos as well as placing not complicated inscriptions and graphic elements.

What is NOT included in the cost of creating a CUSTOM snowboard:

  1. Creation of unique graphics from our side. This service is paid. As a rule, the price for custom graphics varies from 300 to 1500 hryvnias depending on the complexity of the drawing.

The procedure for creating and issue of custom snowboard:

  1. After you get familiar with the prices for the CUSTOM snowboard, you need to use our calculator to calculate the parameters of your snowboard and fill out the order form.
  2. Afterwards you will get a file with the parameters on your email and we will contact you to discuss issues related to graphics, as well as answer your questions (which you will certainly have).
  3. After confirming all the parameters and resolving the issue with the graphics, it is necessary to make an advance payment of 50 percent of the cost of the product to start production. 
  4. After making a deposit, depending on the terms of providing the graphics on your part or the creation and approval of the graphics drawn by our designers, the production of an individual snowboard takes two to three weeks.
  5. When the snowboard is ready, we will contact you and notify you about the place and time of receiving the snowboard from our service in Kyiv. We can also deliver it to your address (payment for delivery in within Ukraine is free). You just have to pay the remaining cost for the snowboard after receiving it.

All-mountain CUSTOM – 13000 hrn, Freeride CUSTOM – 14000 hrn, Freestyle CUSTOM – 13000 hrn, Kids CUSTOM – 8000 hrn, Powder CUSTOM – 15000 hrn